Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I do! It will keep the painting strong over the years and it looks great. Modern or traditional, whatever is your style. Here are some framers I recommend:

However, the painting is already canvas stretched on wood, so you are able to hang it as is, as well! Your preference.

A chair and a 4' x 6' space with an interesting view of the dance floor and sweetheart table. Also important is I need to be near an electrical outlet for my lamp. I also ask for an easel to leave the painting on when I am done to leave on display for the rest of the night. I require a vendor meal and free safe parking. If it is a city car garage, I will add on the cost after the wedding.

Yes, I love to travel! I have been to Puerto Rico & Virginia to paint and have an updated passport ready to go! I will include travel expenses (flight, taxi, food) and overnight accommodation to your quote. I consider anything over a two-hour drive from my home base, Asbury Park NJ, a destination wedding.

A typical wedding painting done by me usually just includes the couple; this allows me too comfortably paint the background and put lots of detail into the couple. This type of subject matter showcases the couple in a profoundly romantic manner. I do not take the painting home to finish, so everything needs to happen that night ❤️

There are other wedding painters that add full wedding parties and offer to take home to finish, shop around and make sure you get the artist that fits your needs!

If you do desire to add other people, I will at an extra cost. I advise no more than 6 as it would cover up the beautiful background detail; they will not receive the same detail as the couple. I have also included fur babies at request!

I am currently not accepting paintings to be done at home; I live in a small cozy apartment and I just don't have the space... but that may change in the future!